12 April 2003

Hey folks. My hard drive just EXPLODED! Now, I have to buy a new one… Man, it was only a year old… I was warned though

But, I lost my 100 plus or so vector projects, and all my ideas and everything that was who I am. All of that in a piece of metal! Amazing, eh? I’ll just buy a 120 or 160 gig… I already have one 160 and now a dead 80… I dunno what to do now… I should have listened to a friend. He said, “Dude, that IBM deskstar is gonna die in a year or less.” And I was like, “no!” and NOW?!! Arrgh…. I’m only buying quality maxtor now… only maxtor… the best brand of harddrive IN THE WORLD.

Oh, I’m ranting… either way, down with computers and technology, it always mucks up. I’m typing from an old brick once known as a “TOP OF THE LINE HP W/ 733 MHZ Processor”. This blows… crappy monitor… no gaming… no anything… Ahhh, I think I may give up on art and stuff for a while and just say šŸ˜¦ to computers. Hell, I lost EVERYTHING. I didn’t think it meant that much to me, but my life and my soul are being killed.. my life … my soul… my metal box with a spinning disk… all gone.

May be able to get some back… Of course like something now rattles in the harddrive… So seriously doubt it. Hey, it’s kinda funny… but just not very funny. Good god, 800×600 res sucksĀ  .

So anybody care to listen to one thing and one thing only? IBM DESKSTARS BLOW. It should be called IBM DEATHSTAR

Worst harddrive I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna keep it in the PC and just sector off the bad parts one day… But I’m pretty lazy… may just trash it. Hmm, well if only my 160 gig was awesome and wasn’t full of illegal warez and things of that sort… and if only it would SHOW UP IN THE WINDOWS HARD DRIVE MENU! Ahh…

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