8 November 2003

This is Logen. This blog exists today because of her.

Well, I made a ‘blog.’ Of course, I don’t prefer (READ: Hate.) the word blog. Say it… sounds… wrong. It’s WEB LOG. Not sure where people came up with the idea of somehow combining two words and then chopping off the first two letters. I don’t eat a efburrito or drink montea. Anyway, I’m writing this for one person. (HINT: Starts with L, ends with ogen. Yes, you’re right, it’s Ljamikaogen.) She asked me to explain what my day was like in detail, so here it is I guess. Suiting for a web log. Actually, now that I think about it, why am I talking about “She” when she is the one reading this…? Bah, don’t care!

So, today went a little bit like this: I had a wonderful day. Then, I woke up at 7:30 A.M. and realized that today was indeed Friday and I did not want to go to school. It went down hill from there, but that’s part of the morning routine. If you hate it long enough, you just start to ignore it. Back to the story, I do the morning bathroom session and eat banana bread for breakfast. Yes, it’s just that exciting. I get to school and stand outside for about five minutes and drift into my math class. Can’t stand that teacher… girls accuse him of looking down their shirts — makes me glad I’m not a girl, but I hear it teaches them to be in proper dress code. Not that anybody really cares about that except my history wench and a few others. I’m trying to remember what happened in math, but I never really remember.

I have the general concept of some learning going on… but I’m not sure what I learned or what took place. I’m not a morning person. Next period is health. I don’t study or pay attention and just do other class’ homework or go to sleep. Today there was a test and then I slept, plain and simple. Next is biology. That’s one of my favourite classes actually, even though it is pretty tedious and often requires thinking. There was some worksheet over sex-linked disorders and nobody really understood it. I finished it and talked to the chick next to me; Hannah. She’s like a huggable teddy bear or something. She’s only like 4’8” so I just draw those conclusions. She has an overly large safety pin on her backpack. That’s practically the only thing I can remember off-hand. Oh, but the teacher wasn’t able to get to the six week grades out because everybody was asking him questions the entire period and when I was walking out to my locker, I asked how the grades were coming. I think he didn’t like that comment. Anyway, off to English. Today was a TAKS BENCHMARK TEST – DAY TWO, which basically means I finished the day before in twenty minutes and went to sleep. I talked to a guy about ‘A Clockwork Orange’ because he wanted a good read, but the English teacher said that it wasn’t ‘good reading’ for him. Bah, he’s probably 15, he can do what he wants. I went to sleep and the bell finally rang.

Which means that I’m off to lunch. Didn’t eat today. Just sat down with Mikey, Wendel, and Jake. We talked a little and then left Mikey and went to Kelly and Kelsey. They’re some weird girls. Kelly keeps randomly seeing me and saying ‘I LOVE YOU, CLAY!’ — I suppose that’s a good thing. Well, not much else happened. Just some jokes and then Jake fell down when he slipped on a puddle. I kicked him. T’ was funny. So, off to history. I always stand right by the door into the hall because I love getting to her class first. Why? Her front door is always locked, so I pull and bang on it and that seems to annoy her. It’s like a little undisclosed race. Yesterday she commented, “Why don’t you even fill out any of your terms for the vocabulary test? You’ll never pass this class with that attitude” I got a 100 and I made a loud, “What’s this? Eh? I see a …. ONE HUNDRED,” in the middle of class. She stared at me and I just smiled. So, it’s off for notes C of Europe. We’re practically four chapters ahead of the other classes.

She was talking about excommunications and brought up the fact that after the gay archbishop was elected in the United States, the European faction of the religion threatened to excommunicate them. That’s basically denying all chance to any who are the believers of the United States faction cannot in any way get to heaven. I’d say for a devout believer, that’s got to suck. Funny for me to laugh at though. A kid then yelled out, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” which, I’ve got to hand it to him, made me die laughing. That guy always has some witty come back. We took lots of notes and watched about five minutes of ‘Friday Fun’ as I now call it. (It consists of a popular movie on VHS that has some relation to… something. For five minutes. Then the bell rings and I forget it even happened.) I walk across some grass to Spanish II. I have a 108 in that class. It’s so unbearably easy. Robby, the kid who sits in front of me, always mocks it. A mexican, one that can speak fluent Spanish, sits next to me. “Hola Vecina!” — love to say that. Hello neighbor. It’s so horribly nerdy that she cringes each time I say it. She has a 5 in that class. No, not 50, just 5.

The rest of Spanish is just sleep — I never do anything in that class… and I love it. Off to theatre, which is in the library for typing. I couldn’t type or anything though, banned from the computers. I’m the new computer hacker at my school. I don’t like illiterate teachers. But then, there was a P(r)EP Rally. Loud, blurry music and cheerleaders jumping. Liked the cheerleaders, not much else. It was seriously about 10 minutes long. It wasn’t even for OUR school. It was for the real high school. This is one of those ‘wtf’ factors. Can’t stand that, why have a prep rally for a different football team?

Well, I went home and got on the computer. I forgot all about school until Logen (READ: You.) made me write all of this. I ate two egg rolls and called Jenna. We talked about Final Fantasy 8… Well, she did. I just kind of taunted her. She’s the weirdest 20 or 21 year old I know. Apart from that, I came here and wrote what you’re reading. The guy from FEWSION — an online magazine — asked me for some ideas. I think they are finally getting close to launch, on which I will be a writer. I used to be the Chief Editor, but I just didn’t have enough time for that.

So, that’s my day in detail and … in a web log.

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