9 November 2003

Today was… interesting. I woke up at probably somewhat close to 12 P.M. and washed my face and sat on the computer. That’s the basic Saturday thing. Listened to some music and played my guitar a little too. My dad came in and said that there’s a Porsche we need to check out. In case you don’t already know, dear honest reader, I’m a Porsche-phile. I’m in the market for a Porsche, just not an expensive one. This one had just dropped prices to 2500 USD so I thought we should drop by. It’s the limited Martini Edition ’77 924 model.

It came standard with Fisher Price Stripes

Ugly no? Well, for that kind of cash we could afford some new rims and at the least take those god-forsaken stripes off it. The 70s were cool and everything, just… ugly. I think that can be generalized to the cars as well.

We check it out and talk it over and get it down to 1800 USD. Now, that’s a steal if you ask me. Everything is very nice on the car, all key components working and milage under 70K. It’s 25 years old after all. There’s a tiny door ding, but I think we can get it fixed pretty easily. Everything else was just minor stuff. There’s a little bit of a cracked dash, but I’m buying a cover for it A.S.A.P.. Well, we bought it. I’m the proud owner of a Porsche. You know that Good Charolate song that goes something along the lines of ‘girls like cars and money’? Well, I now have the car and since nobody in the world knows about Porsches it seems, they probably think I have the money to buy it with. I just hope that song is right, could spell luck for me. Step two of the whole Porsche equation is ‘learning to drive’ — that may be of some help. After several hours of intense cleaning of the carpet and leather, the interior is dead sexy minus some slight (okay, somewhat heavy) colour fading going on with the carpet. Red carpet + sun = orange carpet. There’s dye you can buy and that’s also pretty high on my list. It’s sitting in the garage now, dwarfed by my mom’s SUV. She keeps calling it a tinker-toy, but it’s not like a go-cart. Sleep well, fair Porsche.

Right now? I’m delaying doing homework. I have an N.H.D. (a.k.a. national history day) project on the ‘internet revolution’ I should be doing thats due Monday. I haven’t started. Not sure if I will. There’s math homework too and two English projects. I don’t think I’ll do one English and half of math. I cleverly partition my homework to give me good grades with minimal effort. Although, it’s a delicate balance, sometimes it backfires and eh, things get messy.

I’ve been acousticly jamming to Jingle Bells on my guitar. I’m about to try it on my eletric with distortion to max. My 10 watt amp should just love me. I need to buy a better one. I also need to buy one of those fancy Porsche key rings and whip that set of keys out in front of the ladies. “all i want is some super foxin’ ladies to call me big papa” comes to mind.

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