16 November 2003

I ate at CC’s Pizza. It’s the true pinnacle of cheap-eatin’ pizaa goodness. Somebody behind us was talking about global warming, some Starbucks class of person.
Person 1 at Table: I remember when I freaked out at half a degree of temperature increase!
Person 2 at Table: I think we ALL were scared then!
Person 3 Walking By: Not me! I freak out at TWO degrees.
And he walked out the door. It was the best random thing ever. For 3.99 USD all you can eat pizza really rocks. I ate 14 pieces and I’m sorta feeling sick, at least I got my money’s worth of it.

Woke up at 12:07 P.M. — you gotta love Saturdays. Work tommorrow and lots of homework. Need to clean the Porsche’s engine, hereby known as Shela. I love Shela. Er, anyway, Logen was all like ‘omg lez eat!’ (lez… lez… rings a bell… I hate Spanish. Bien they say! BIEN!) so she came over and checked out my Porsche before we left. She thought it looked ten times better than her Porsche. I couldn’t help but to agree. We took her 914, A.K.A. “The Tin Box with astroturf interior.” Went to Chick-Fillet. 5.35 USD for a slab of chicken and some bun. Came with slaw — so it’s all good. She got like four nuggets and some fries. The service sucks at that store, lettme tell you, they didn’t INCLUDE a spoon for my … slaw… so I had to get up and get one.

There were lots of little kids… in horrible uniforms. Tie-dye for God sakes! Logen had some horrible rash that resembled tie-dye… Purple AND red. She hated spending time with me I’m sure and made up some excuse about math homework on a saturday and left.

I then walked in the door and was told to mow the lawn. I did. Next? Read the first sentence of this entry. The End.

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