23 November 2003

It’s cold. Just sitting here doing nothing. Tried playing some games, got boring, quit. Nothing is new, just the same old thing. Went to work, came home, relaxed, ate dinner, did homework, and now I’m about to shower. Always at nine o’clock on the dot, if possible.

Yes, I was really this cool.

Guess I’ll just play some guitar and go to sleep, this whole weekend has been boring apart from Logen’s nice 45 minute stop on saturday when she drove my Porsche. Got the carpet dyed back to flame red at the loss of a few thousand brain cells, but still need to get new tires. Lan Action was fun though, won every match except one in Call Of Duty. Dawnvile, the ruined Frence town map, has to be the coolest thing since Medal Of Honours burned down French map. Ah, world war two games. Better graphics, same concept. It is fun killing some nazis, however, most of the time I play as the Nazi on multiplayer — they just have better guns.

Three minutes until nine on a Sunday night. I don’t want to go to school tommorrow, but it was incredibly boring today so anything should be a relief. I guess no action is better than too much.
Papas Deshidratadas!

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