30 November 2003

This game actually sucks

Sweaty palms and tunnel vision are probably a sign of playing Need For Speed: Underground for hours on end. I’m on race 102 of 111 and almost done with the career mode.

Right now as I’m typing this, I focus on a little bit of text and the rest is blurry and somewhat distant. You should see the new ‘Motion Blurring’ effect — at 190 mph its like your eyes are bleeding.

I like this game, it’s a tad easy — although some hard races (73, 95, 102 & 103) — most are pretty much straight off “I win, just go drive off of a bridge and save some time.” I doubt I’ll be around DeviantART this next week all that much, with this game and my in real life car (that WON’T be ‘tuned’ with pulsating neon lights and pink tinted glass) — I have to learn how to drive it a little better sometime this coming week.

I’m kind of disoriented and I think I’m going to lie down.

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