19 December 2003

17 day lack of updating. I guess I really can’t do anything with a steady pace. All the finals and such. I’d like to say I was studying, but I wasn’t. What was I doing all this time? I’m not really sure any more…

My partner in crime, so-to-speak, mentioned something on her more blogish alternative to life: innocence. What is it with this fictional innocence? Why do you want to retain it anyway? I’m sorry, it just never made much sense to me. Do I have innocence? Yea, I’ve got some, I’m sure. But, why should I care? It’s all in your head and I feel that we as humans don’t even need this thing. I mean, seriously, if you know about something but haven’t done it, that doesn’t help you hide from it. There’s no innocence scale! Anything past eleven in my book is not innocent — those lil’ buggers start figuring out more creative ways to annoy the crap outa ya’. Just because you haven’t done this or that, it doesn’t make you more innocent. And vice versa for that one. Things you have done dont make you less innocent either. It really bugs me when people talk about innocence. It’s a lot like talking on a ‘blog’ — pointless and a waste of time but a good way to vent.

God, I loathe blogs. Even my not bloggish blog makes me cringe. Anyway, speaking of scales like the innocence scale, somebody taught me about the BAG SCALE.
1 bag = for her, to hide her face
2 bag = for her and him, to hide her face and your eyes from her body
plastic bag = for her, to end her suffering

Now, even an ugly girlfriend can be treated better with the magic BAG SCALE. Politically incorrect? Yep.

Tommorrow is the final exam for English. 9 times out of 10, it’s about:
1. Black People Striving in Society
2. White People Making Trips across Alaska
3. Asian People Making Potstickers
4. Women Struggling for Rights and Overcoming The Obstacles In The 21st Century
5. Retarded Kids Making Leaps For Acceptance
6. Indians Hunting And Tribal Rituals
7. Mexicans Cleaning Pools er… Mexicans Preparing for the Day of the Dead
8. Pioneers of Space

It’s so horribly, sickeningly true. Never have I read a story about an average middle-class white guy kicking some bad guy ass in K-Mart while waiting in line. I hate how it’s always about ethnic groups doing something amazing that nobody in the world really cares about.

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