23 December 2003

Not much going on today. Back from my trip to Dallas — I’d rather not elaborate for the sake of your stomach. I’ll leave it at “indoor snow” so-to-speak. I’m just wasting time today. Downloading music, surfing DeviantART, and updating Windows from some new security threat. Haven’t got a virus in four years. I’ve only had one total in my career and I never use virus protection. It’s just experience that keeps my computer clean. I could have swore the clanking hard drive I have would be dead by today, but it’s still running great. Only clanks once every 22 hours or so. I should just throw it out, but I’m too lazy to switch to my other parition.

I feel like doing something with friends today. Problem: Nobody is home. Well, I only have two friends I would do anything with in the first place, so that limits my selection. I suppose that could be a problem. Speaking of problems, I just noticed I’m only getting 2.0 sound instead of 7.2 — I knew those drivers would mess something up. Glad I kept the AC97 drivers handy from a few years ago. Running a computer is a lot like owning a classic car in the fact they they always need constant care.

Maybe I should go out and brush off Shela, er, the Porsche; stupid dust storms. Of course, I do live in the desert, I should have expected it.

I’m bored… but at least it isn’t school. Then it’s even more boring. Somebody call me and ask me to do something! Anything! Oh well, I’ll just fix the computer and tweak the registry or something else nerdy like that.

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