07 January 2004

I guess I just don’t have anything to talk about. Nothing new has happened and no life changing events have been altering the very fabric of life or anything. I suppose no news is good news sometimes. Oh well, can’t do much about being boring these days. Lately, it’s “these days” like I used to be somebody else, but I’ve never been more myself than right now. It’s odd, but eh, what can I say?

Talked to this college professor about a square root calculator I made. Think I impressed him:
[20:00] Hazark: Hey!
[20:00] SyndicateElite: sup man
[20:00] SyndicateElite: ive got nothing going on — you teach math at a college right?
[20:00] Hazark: not much here, but a busy day with the wife
[20:00] Hazark: yea, ohio state.
[20:01] Hazark: why do you ask?
[20:01] SyndicateElite: i made this kickass math script
[20:01] SyndicateElite: http://siftw.pinnacle-elite.com/rtcalc.html
[20:01] Hazark: 404
[20:01] SyndicateElite: oh yea wrong host. http://sfunit.com/lemontea/rtcalc.html
[20:01] Hazark: hold on. ill check in a second
[20:02] SyndicateElite: its a radical problem simplifier i made with java because i cant do my own math
[20:02] SyndicateElite: the last two directions arent clear. its total outside the radical and then total inside
[20:02] Hazark: whoa. nice man, real nice. howd you learn to make this?
[20:02] SyndicateElite: skill and practice?
[20:02] Hazark: that’s so cool, i tried to make one for about three months but it just fed back errors
[20:02] Hazark: then i gave up and made a point to ask the computer dep
[20:02] SyndicateElite: oh they make you one then?
[20:02] Hazark: nope not yet
[20:02] Hazark: so what college do you go to again
[20:02] SyndicateElite: haha thats a long story
[20:02] SyndicateElite: im sorta before college
[20:02] SyndicateElite: justa freshman in highschool
[20:03] SyndicateElite: yep im a dork
[20:03] SyndicateElite: but i have time on my hands these days
[20:03] SyndicateElite: thats what you get for not making friends eh?
[20:03] Hazark: holy shit! a 9th grader?
[20:03] Hazark: there’s no way
[20:03] SyndicateElite: hah, glad you liked then 😀
[20:03] Hazark: remind me to inform the IT’s about you
[20:03] SyndicateElite: lmao
[20:03] SyndicateElite: I’m not THAT good
[20:03] Hazark: you code like a professional
[20:03] SyndicateElite: but its a huge hassle
[20:04] Hazark: well worth it
[20:04] Hazark: wish i could code like you
[20:04] SyndicateElite: dude, a kid just owned you
[20:05] Hazark: shut up jerk, I’ve only had two years experience

I’ve only had a bit less than two. I don’t feel right about bragging about being a nerd, unless other nerds are around to make me their king. If not, talking to the logey, it’s a stupid venture. No, it’s insanity, and it’s not politically correct to say that. Makes me cry. Actually, I could care less about who I am and what I do.

If you already know who you are and what you’re doing, why should anything ever bother you? I just flow at a steady pace these days.

Tests tommorrow, failed a math test already. So far the semester is looking bleak, but eh, so did every other situation in my life at some point in time.

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