11 January 2004

•8:35PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> So what you doin?
•8:35PM• <TiN_MaN> the server is very very slow
•8:35PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> Just chillin at the holiday innn
•8:36PM• <TiN_MaN> at university?? a businnes IT degree
•8:36PM• <lemontea> im chilling in a dark room alone typing to people on irc pretending i have a life
•8:36PM• <TiN_MaN> i have no shirt on cos its 30 degrees celcius
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> lemontea, I’m downloading Chingy and typed on my blog about ohw i have no lfie
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> gg
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> :p
•8:36PM• <TiN_MaN> im waiting for today to be over so i can go and see my life 😀
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> in a dark room!
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> drinking five alive!
•8:36PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> TiN_MaN, as am I.
•8:37PM• * jark sets mode: +l 104
•8:37PM• <lemontea> oh cool, i think i should add a few ‘im lame’ points and type on my blog too
•8:37PM• <TiN_MaN> i think i may have clicked the “go very very slow” button in my IE options…
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> Anyone who remotely matters too me, I don’t see on the weekend 😐
•8:37PM• <TiN_MaN> i vacumed my car out…
•8:37PM• <lemontea> hey cool, me too
•8:37PM• <TiN_MaN> thats how bored i am
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> oh, I also did a trendwhore quiz.
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> http://theartfuldodger.modblog.com/
•8:37PM• <lemontea> man, i think we all have no lives 😀
•8:37PM• <The`Artful`Dodger> TiN_MaN, I cleaned my bedroom 😐

It’s the truth, I’m without a life these days. Sitting alone in a dark room chatting to other people alone in dark rooms. It’s a model for society.

I think I’ve got the flu. I was reading another person’s ‘blog’ and they were ranting about how ‘life is confusing’ and how she was ‘lost trying to find herself’. People are so busy trying to find theirselves, the almost forgot that they were never lost to begin with. Maybe those trying to ‘find theirselves’ should just check the local lost and found?

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