18 January 2004

I hint to random things all the time. I read some old logs, I was really clever back then; everything was some hidden hint. I guess I stop having to hint things after some period of time. Here’s a hint, the date format I use is what the military uses. Now, what does that mean? Well, I suppose you have to know a little about me. But… today is a Lonely Sunday, capitalized because every Sunday is the same thing.

There’s only one thing that keeps me lifted.

I have to hand it to Martin Luther though, he was able to really get some great national reform — and a convient national holiday as well. I guess I’ll sit here in the dark thinking like I have been since October. I wish I could say I was an angsty and confused kid, but I’m neither angsty, nor even a kid any more. Makes for a boring ‘blog’ without angsty poetry and shoddy quotes and little quizlet answers.

I really hope that you don’t mind. I seem pretty agitated lately. I can tell that sort of thing about myself better than other people can.

Sitruunatee: long story
Sitruunatee: very long
apikaile: i want to hear it
apikaile: 🙂
Sitruunatee: Well
Sitruunatee: you’re never going to
Sitruunatee: ever
Sitruunatee: because you would not understand it
Sitruunatee: or my situation
Sitruunatee: and I’m being honest, unless you’ve had one hell of a messed up life
Sitruunatee: so
apikaile: .. oh..
Sitruunatee: how’s the weather there?
apikaile: fine i guess
Sitruunatee: thats good
apikaile: *sigh*
Sitruunatee: I’m sorry.

Lately, I’ve even lashed out at friends. I wonder what’s up? Too much on my mind maybe. Even Saturday’s chips didn’t help me forget, so I’ll just say it: Here’s to Casey.

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