19 January 2004

It’s a slow Monday with a dash of lonely Sunday. But I love it. I’m happy just not doing anything. I used to miss it all, now… I savor it. I think I’ll update this more, with… more of me.
iNFINITE eCLlPSE: how are you?
SyndicateElite: bad, and you?
iNFINITE eCLlPSE: im good, why’re you bad?

iNFINITE eCLlPSE: hows you?
SyndicateElite: im really good… thanks for asking
iNFINITE eCLlPSE: … did you slip and fall?

I was searching for that little log all day long after I talked to him today. Just now found it.

Anyway, I’m sorry for all the logs I post… I guess they illustrate things better than I do. Or at least I think so.

For Logen

I always have some if you need them. And I’m always here, to listen. And I’m always here, to answer. I hope I will always be here for you, even though, I feel like you are the one that is here for me.

You’re interesting, what can I say.
I still don’t have much to say… I wish I did, just so that you could hear it. My history notes have something else besides “blah” on them now, I hope you’re okay with that. I swear that I’m not insane… or even obsessed… just… I’m not sure.

Have a nice day, please.

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