29 January 2004

I suppose the 30th is the main due date for everything in the world school related. “Hrm, let’s all pick this same date for huge semester long projects to be due!” It’s a conspiracy. Aganist normal sleeping patterns. I’m cool though, I’ve done most of it, think I passed my history test today with a 90, my English presentation with a nice 100, my math test with a 78 (way better than I projected), my biology test with something above an 80. I think.
apikaile: hey
Sitruunatee: heya
apikaile: what’s up?
Sitruunatee: not much, simmering the cazlash

I really am simmering the cazlash, whatever at cazlash is. I’m happy, not too stressed. Just chillin’. Hoping a certain Logen will come over tomorrow after I take my driver’s test. I will help her make a font… and then speed her computer up. I want to do something nice. To show that I am dependable… or something.

Sitruunatee: hey, at least you dont have cancer.
apikaile: and.. you do?
Sitruunatee: …
Sitruunatee: no

We used to draw stupid images to each other daily.

Abby is an amazing girl. I have some fun conversations with her. I wish she was closer to me. Florida seems like a year away when you live in a place like this. Today my mom told me how much she hated the weather here. Secretly, I think she already wants to move. … I think I already do too. Not sure why, it’s just not… good here. I’m sick of it, without a reason.

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