30 January 2004

Ah, this is a bad headache. It probably came from all the stress this week. There’s this Crystal Method song called “Sunday Morning” in which the lyrics say “can’t even focus on a coffe cup.” I can’t focus on this screen. I’m not even looking because the brightness from the monitor is making me feel bad.

Yep, bad headache. It just progressively got worse, bit by bit. Feels much like a hangover — a really bad one. Six advil and I should be set for maximum almost overdose headache relief. Hrmp. Ruined my Friday night of sitting in front of the monitor typing to people just waking up in Europe.

Today is one of those days I guess. Nothing new, nothing neat. Just me. Just a headache.

I’m glad my life isn’t a feature on the daily news because people would get tired of looking at a blank screen. If only…

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