1 February 2004

Hrm. I decided to update this layout once more. I’ll make it a monthlyish thing.

Got to drive the Porsche today. I love that car. It’s so… mine. Shela. Mmm. Oh, and then I went to a local punkish band’s gig. They were pretty good musically, besides the singing. That could have been left out completely… well, from the low volume of the microphones, I only heard a bit of it. It wasn’t like a huge party and there wasn’t any alcohol, but I still had fun.

Work tommorrow. Like always. Homework tommorrow. Figures.

Met another deviant from DeviantART in ye ol’ Midland. She seems to be pretty cool. pintri was an intriguing Deviant name selection. Ok, now I will update some iframes and recode some javascripts and then call it a night. Nerdy? Yes. Profitable? Hell yes.

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