3 February 2004

My bedroom has the amazing ability to be totally warm and cuddly when I’m alone. It’s the computer. I can walk in from the cold into my room and not need a hoodie. I really enjoy that.

Sitruunatee: my bedroom is always so warm and cuddly
excelsis 3: so am i
excelsis 3: er i mean
excelsis 3: so is mine
Sitruunatee: heh
Sitruunatee: id try both

I like Abby. She’s got good humor about her. Both types. People marvel at my grade in English, a 96 when I don’t even consider trying. In fact, I never read the book and made a 98 on the test. What’s up with that? Mmm, my room really feels comfortable tonight. Add another person and it often gets too hot. Depending on how hot the other person is, that is. Heh, I wonder where the line of sarcasm is drawn with my text?

I worry about my friends way too much. The few real friends that I do have all make me worry. There’s always some problem. I’m pretty much without my complex problems albeit a few here and there. But hey, that’s normal. Since I don’t have any major problems of my own, I’m more concerned with other people lately. Somebody said to me, “You know, thanks for caring.” I didn’t know that I ever had cared to begin with. Guess I was wrong. Maybe I’ll start caring more?

Everybody has drama in their life; I bet we could all make some interesting plays. What’s your play going to be about? I hope it’s interesting.

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