8 February 2004

This was a weird weekend. The same lonely Sunday, but an odd Friday and Saturday. Ever have one of those things where you just can’t place why it’s different, it just is? Well, I suppose you’re not going to answer, as this is a web log with these fake questions. Interesting, nonetheless.

Yes, it's actually pretty nerdy.

I’m not a huge Dungeons and Dragons type of fellow, but this game, Neverwinter Nights, has to be possiblely the coolest time-taking and fun game I’ve played in a long time. My +3 Greatsword can cut Ogres into bits within seconds. Okay, so I admit, it’s sort of nerdy. I get to cut up stuff and steal things, what’s not to like?

I need to get some breakfast. I came back from work… and my hands feel dirty… even when I wash them; it’s a type of feeling that stops you wanting food.

•3:08PM• <lemontea> somebody
•3:08PM• <lemontea> say something
•3:08PM• <lemontea> funny for my web log
•3:08PM• <JMulder> ahaha
•3:08PM• <JMulder> OMG .. my ass is on fire!
•3:08PM• <lemontea> You suck at this game.
•3:08PM• <fleetworks> Lemontea should take his own advice and WTF DIE
•3:08PM• <JMulder> I knew I shouldn’t try to wax my butt hair with a burning candle!
•3:08PM• <lemontea> WTF DIE URE FACE LMAO BBQ
•3:08PM• <JMulder> Was that funny enough?
•3:08PM• <fleetworks> OMG U SUCK KTHNXBAI
•3:09PM• <lemontea> uh
•3:09PM• <lemontea> sure dude
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> that might have been funny, JMulder, but it wasn’t. I’ve seen funnier things than that in the ghetto. Like babies selling crack while pimping.
•3:09PM• <lemontea> that was hysterical
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> Now, that, that is funny.
•3:09PM• <lemontea> 😐
•3:09PM• <lemontea> you guys suck at being funny
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> A little black baby whipping crack out of his diaper?
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> lemontea: We could always make walmart jokes.
•3:09PM• <JMulder> Rabbit: well excuse me for not being able to be instantly funny 😐
•3:09PM• <Rabbit> Those are funny.
•3:09PM• <fleetworks> I’m funny. Looking that is.
•3:09PM• <lemontea> I agree

I need to laugh.

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