11 February 2004

I recently got my hands on the NEWEST GENIUS IDEA FROM WRIGLEYS.

This is what the gum comes in. Notice the new flavor.

This is Wrigley’s new Strappleberry flavor. I tried to speculate which berry this indeed was, but the closest I’ve got to it is possibly some form of… well, I’m not really sure. This looks red so I’m assuming that it will taste like delicious strawberries or cherrys.

This is me choking back the gag reflex

Who here likes the taste of cough medicine and rubbing alcohol? Aw, c’mon, I know you do. This tastes… remotely red. The rest tastes like chemicals. In fact, it made my mouth burn. I think the story behind this gum is that Wrigley’s had a vat of excess chemicals and flavoring that they needed to get rid of and this was the perfect excuse since dumping these into a river or pond would surely be bad because the water would light on fire or animals would start glowing or something else nasty.

Clay's Rating: 😦

Don’t waste your money. My teeth are stained purple now. Yes, purple. Don’t ask me.


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