29 February 2004

Have you ever caught yourself doing something “religiously.” As common integration, it’s just another word for “in habit”; But, it does have a religious background. So, what if you don’t go to a church and you’re not religious?

Another lonely Sunday. I’m relaxed. Not sure why, I failed two tests without a reason and I’ve got several hours of homework ahead. I don’t think I will even open my math book or start on my English project or mess with my speech presentation or read my biology chapters and do the vocabulary or start on my theatre report or study for my Spanish test. Ah, I’m such a great underachiver that’s secretly an overachiver that’s just waiting for a reason to show it.

At about 75 MPH, the 45 MPH wind and the wet, crappy, cold outside feel even more cold and crappy. I have to say, I didn’t focus too much on that; this motorcycle rocks the cazlash. I don’t even know what the hell the “cazlash” is. Casba relative, maybe?

Sitting in the dark, alone and bored has never felt any greater — until I realize that I was an idiot who should have done his homework. I always manage though. Spring break is next week right? Going to San Antonio and visiting my brother. That was two separate things; he doesn’t live there. He called yesterday, I think, and explained that he is now the manager of a restraunt in the new Austin country club. Congrats to him, I’m sure he’s pretty happy.

You know there’s only one thing that really makes sitting alone in a dark room for hours at a time in front of this monitor actually barable. Do you know what it is?

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