28 March 2004

Well hrmph, that was unexpected. I was taking short panic breaths; my lips were dry. I was too preoccupied to take care of that. Re-read the March 5th entry. I woulda taken the lead according to that. Changed… because I didn’t do the same thing. Didn’t want to force anything, I guess.

Yanno, if somebody else read this, they would be like “… what the…”.

Next time, I promise not to be so… scared. I was breaking up. I just sat there thinking “uh…”. Just laying around smiling; ah, I’m so hopeless.

This is supposed to be a lonely Sunday, but there’s not a damn thing lonely about it.

On an afternote, I hope that I didn’t get you in trouble.

PS: Sorry if you didn’t like the CD. Twenty-one things you will not like about it. Told you.

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