29 March 2004

Hm hm. Today was extremely blah. Nothing bad happened, as usual, but nothing good happened either. I feel tired of… everything and for about three weeks during school time I’ve been reduced to coming home from school and taking naps. I really don’t like most of my friends… I don’t want them bothering me and bugging me.

I just want to talk to one of the six or so select people that I can sit down and talk to with instead of having to pretend and entertain. That’s not to say that I hate them, they just aren’t on my ‘level’ or something else a depressed kid would say. Makes me feel like a jerk when I say that, but it’s true. On a lighter note, Mike Fisk, the guy that I’ve talked to for years — the genius and true friend, he showed back up after his leave. Apparently, nothing is new with him, but I’m glad to just talk to him.

I have a splitting headache and I don’t remember first through seventh period. I’m not even sure what I ate for lunch or if I even ate. When I came home from school, a Cannuck from DA messaged me and I said I wasn’t in a talking mood really. “Just do what girls do when they have PMS, eat ice cream, chocolate, and watch some movies.” While she forgot “skin alive any male that moves”, I could use all three and ironically all three I don’t have handy. Not even a good movie. Bah, a movie needs two people or more — it always feels better then because you can dicuss it later. (Hey, I could even discuss “Good Guys Wear Black” — a shoddy Chuck Norris movie from the early 70’s complete with cheesy 70’s music to boot… which I own on DVD. Don’t ask me.)

A hilarious occurance last friday was great though. My speech and drama teacher selected me as her “best” student of the entire group she teaches. This was over here “theatre kids” who are in her plays. Weird. The conversation was brief but she… thanked me… for caring so much. That’s just it: I don’t care (at least about that). Loverly though. It really cracks a grin, the ironic “wow, you just missed the punchline of the inside joke” grin.

Man, why is it when you don’t want to talk to normal people and you’d rather talk to your close friends that they aren’t on? Instead, I’m reduced to talking to “KawaiiSonic” on MSN IM who is telling me about how she loves my art. I hate people. So … much. Well, this was a bit of a rant, I guess.

That’s it! Die KawaiiSonic; I’m going to lay on my bed and listen to music!

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