30 March 2004

It’s really not that I like POD, I just like this song. Not the lyrics really, the damned guitar. Nice song, really.

Today is a great day to be alive… well, for me. Dunno about you, faithful reader. The only bad thing that happened, and you’ll kill me for this, I know — bombed a history test today. It was all going good until the essay. Why? Because the essay was… A CHART! Yes, *gasp* a chart. Three blank boxes that needed to sum up WWI. I mentioned all the treaties in the right order, praying that I was doing it right. She took my paper, flipped it over, and put a big HUGE red X over the whole thing and then a -15. And that was BEFORE the other part of the test. So, if I come up with an 89, I’ll give you permission to punch me.

Anyway, back to the great day stuff. I’m not sure why really, it’s just like “wow, everything is all mmk!” and I have no reason for it. Grr, I hate it when I’m happy like this.

Yea, I know you’re probably thinking “Hrm, Clay sure has updated his journal. A lot.” I sure have. I’m going through Logen withdrawls. I sit down and think “… yep… uh…” and that goes on for a few hours. Fix your computer because your blog isn’t enough supplementary material to hold me over. I could have built you six or seven new computers in this amount of time.

Plus, all this down time, I have an ordered list of questions to ask you and twenty “night, love”s to tell you. Well, ok, it’s not that urgent, but you get the idea. I miss your smile.. smiling emoticon. Ah, pathetic. If only rebelchic, mike fisk, or somebody else I cared about would get online, I’d have a chat with them. But, that just does not happen. (Check your devious notes, I found something by accident when talking to Weke).

Man, I haven’t even talked to Nick Oswald in a while. He’s a cool guy. The last time I talked to Austin, Trip, and the others they all agreed that it was over and behind them and that it “never happened” … which effectively severed my ties.

The Wave. Remember the book, or the short movie that it all started with? You probably haven’t ever seen it. My 6th grade History teacher showed the class it. I loved that movie. It spurred the whole “Communism Rules!” campaign that Matt, Scott, Nick, Bao, Sarah, the other Nick, and I started. Another long story. Anyway, a webboard started, number 3004, called the Wave. It was my home to piracy. The big guys sat around there and laughed. Ah, it’s been so long. I was banned for using too large of fonts while cursing out an admin. It’s still rather funny. I’m back in now… time to say hi to Mig, Rimmer66, KTA, and all my other buddies.

Sorry for writing a novel, but great days or extremely blah days need proper explanation. (Yes, even though I explained basically nothing.)

Have a nice day, will ya?

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