1 April 2004

Thursday. Yep. Tired. I was sleeping during most of the school day. Hey, I’m not a good kid, I can get away with that.

This guy… in my English class. He’s in ROTC and thinks he’s possibly the strongest man in the world. Of course, he isn’t; so, he likes to play games of armwrestling with nerdy type kids and show much he owns. Well, I musta broke the poor kid’s arm. People really underestimate me… I don’t act like a kid, therefore, I must be weak. The logic here is pretty flawed.

Over his cries of “Oh god, please stop it”, I picked up my pencil with my other hand and proceeded to finish my math homework. Then I went to sleep some more.

I really hate April fools… usually. Nobody tricked me today.

In theatre, (ah, 8th period) I was doing a short group improv where I was a Vietnam vet having random flashbacks. I enjoyed that… but, I could actually see something like that happening, minus the jungle and add a desert full of turban-wearers.

A rather hot girl was flirting with me… lots of girls do this to me lately. I ignore most of them. Except that one girl, the asian girl, who I was using as a crutch for my bad day for a couple of days. Plus, I’ve got a thing for asians. Alli Moody, very hot girl, who is about 5’8”, (very important for me) … I could take interest in her. But… I’d just lie my way to her. I don’t have time to make real relationships unless I care about the other member of the party

I think I’m going to read “Le Morte d’Arthur” again. I would say “Once and Future King” as well, but I’m also reading a book for English called “Watership Down”. In case you didn’t have to read this book, it’s a dictionary with a plot. I thought “The Hobbit” was boring, but man, this one takes the cake. The first two-hundred pages of the book are some rabbits bitching about how they don’t want to do anything radical like “cross a puddle” and “walk” and “eat” and “talk” and “think” and eerrgh. I don’t like this book from the get-go, just because its the Redwall series minus the action and minus the human personification. Hell, minus a clever writing style too.

Wish I could have picked F451, but that group was filled. It was this book or some story about Black women and their struggles. Not only do I not care about black women, I rarely care about women. I mean, they should be cooking and cleaning, no?

Logen, marry me and become my cook and maid; I’ll buy you a chef’s hat and a French maid’s outfit.

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