5 April 2004

Dude. Monday. Sleeping persisted. Final grades for this six weeks are in, results pretty damn good:
Math – 93
Speech – 99
Biology – 92
English – 101 (but as she said “I hope you can take a less fancy 100 on your report card”)
History – 94
Spanish – 99
Theatre – 100

Man, I thought highschool was supposed to be hard. Some kid, a real studier and an always nice guy, he made me think today. “If only you studied…” Man, my GPA would be like the amazing work of art. Not that it matters. Why do I bother getting the GPA when… I don’t plan on college right now? I don’t. I don’t try at all. Nope, not a bit really. And after the fantastic Army, I could get into my target school, A&M, without having any brains whatsoever. Gotta love bribes from the government!

Anyway, my grades equal Shogun, a Midland replacement to the sushi bar I used to frequent for good grades. I think my only motivations are to not be hassled and to eat good food and those are hardly motivations.

Why do I care about you, if I don’t care about anything else? It doesn’t make sense and it’s bugging me, if anything. Any ideas?

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