14 April 2004

In other news, I think that Mrs. Truitt has taken a liking to me. While the rest of my buddies got a 40 on a notes quiz, I, not studying one bit, made an 86. -2 for spelling. Others got -5. Hell, I put “Kellogs-Briag Treaty” when the answer was “Kellog-Briand Pact” … minus two. Well, I won that battle, now what do I have to win? Nothing that I can win of course: world hunger, suffering, and a few other things. Yes, that was supposed to be that obvious.

The “dictionary with a plot” that was “Watership Down” turned out to be a pretty decent book, ala the Redwall series, as I had not expected it to. Although, it only got interesting to the end. I need to get literary criticisms on the book so I may test my hand at being a PhD. Now, we’re not allowed to use just any criticisms, they have to be by a professional. “I want so see the opinions of the professionals and not some random highschool student who posted thier report to the internet.” What in the world makes somebody who has an official stamp any better than that highschool student. I don’t need literary criticisms to form opinions, and I don’t need her class.

That’s not to sound stuck-up, it’s just that I don’t need to deal with busy work when I’ve got other things to do: sleep, eat, meet amazingly beautiful supermodels who fall in love with me, etc. Very complex situation.

Something clever here.

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