16 April 2004

New sound drivers. I’m in love. So clear, so clear. Now all I need is a set of $400 DTS-certified speakers. The new drivers can enhance clarity of the music a lot more than previous drivers… in a sense that I keep looking around because I keep hearing things.

It’s hot in my room… my parent’s way of cutting back costs. I have $330 dollars sitting in my wallet. Suppose I’ll upgrade my PC and owe cash for a year on it.

I should have went to LAN, I’m entirely too lonely sitting in my room messing with sound drivers.

No, I’m better than that. No more sound drivers… I’ll do something meaningful. Like video tweaking. God, I have no fucking life. None at all. I need to get some friends, collect a group of them, make them respect me, etc. But, I’d rather just have real friends. Still, I like having a social life.

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