25 April 2004

My throat hurts. I was at Ry’s party. Screaming over 50 people and the huge amounts of speakers, I’d say I’ll be sorry tommorrow. Afterwards, I just sat around with the guys and played guitar with them. Best acoustic I’ve ever played. That’s not really to say I’ve played all that many.

Oh, and I’ve got a cell phone. It’s a nice little flip phone. I don’t have very many minutes though, not that I’d really need many. I swear they are made for teen girls, default of a pink backlight, a teddy bear background, and a girly ringtone. I fixed all that I could and wasted away some free sign-up credits on the best ring tone ever devised by man. Speaking of phones, I was up all night talking with Nick Oswald yesterday. That guy is great. He’s just like me in almost every way. Excellent bass player as well. We have conversations where we think the exact same thing and say it at the same time. Not many people do that with me. I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in months.

Tommorrow will be a lonely Sunday, but now, now time for guitar and mood lights. All that’s missing is the girl.

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