21 May 2004

Same song. I like it, so what? Ed Note (2010): I keep listening to the song Eve 6 – Inside Out for several weeks.

Operation “Sex O’Clock” — I titled that for an operation that I hope comes true. Yanno, I’m just like that. I got the title from my first kiss. “What time is it, Clay?” “Sex O’Clock!” Sprang that one on her. I plan to do that again. Sometime. Well, considering I’ve been without a girl for, hrm, 12 months, I’d say no. It’s not that I can’t get one, it’s that I can’t get the ones that I want. Or if I can get one good enough, they’re 8+ hours away from me.

The point is, well, there is no point. I’ve got a headache and a cold nose.

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