26 May 2004

Listened to a CD all night long. Somewhat tired. Took tests, went fine. Tommorrow and the next are the trials, well, actual finals: Math, Biology, History, English. Scratch off English. So three hard tests. I bombed my Spanish II exam, however. Do I care? Not really, considering I started off with a 64 as an exam grade before I took the exam. I don’t have to do much to pass, much less, make an A.

It appears a certain Logen has figured out my secret: I am ticklish. I hate her for making me smile aganist me will; er, well, I used to. I sorta kinda like it. As for a certain other person, I am forced to copy paste my journal entries now. I mean, what’s up with that. I follow orders, it appears. (I’ll need that later).

My life is a fortunately beautiful thing.

(and yes, I’m listening to another song in spanish)

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