30 May 2004

So I’m all out of school and such like that! It’s crazy hearing about all my friends graduating, and I’m just going to be a Sophmore. Hell, I’ve been with computers since I was roughly 9 or 10. Since that time, I’ve seen my online buddies graduate, complain about college professors, and even get married. It’s really funny seeing all of my friends growing up literally in front of my monitor (yes, how lame). Today we have our official senior graduating in Midland — I really wish them luck with life, the choices that they make, and that metaphorical “road” they follow. (Seriously, listen to any speech and they bust out the “road” on you.)

Being just a little kid, I keep feeling loss every year because the friends that I knew always leave to become somebody else. In college, I think there’s one of the biggest changes in a person’s life, and I know it must be hard for them. When they change, I’ll admit, it’s usually for the better; I guess they just grow up. Needless to say, I still keep in contact with them, but they just seem like tottally different people — so much more mature and intelligent. I really do admire that.

So, I’ll say it again: I wish everyone that is graduating from their senior class a great future full of possibilities and “the stuff dreams are made of”. You made it guys, now you just have to make it another four to eight years in college or choose a different “road”. It’s all up to you now. I wish you luck, as you’ll all need it.

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