3 June 2004

The audition went well. I’ll at least be an extra. He said I was the closest to Dylan that he’s found. Although my height is kinda off. So, who knows? In case you’re just coming here, I tried out in the mall a few weeks ago to see if I could be in the movie they’re filming about Columbine in Midland. They called me back for a second round today. However, I learned that this is a Mini-Series and this is the pilot for it. Meaning, even if I was a crazy killer, you probably would never see me. Eh, doesn’t matter anyway.

Other than that, I just sit at home and do nothing all day. I have a dentist’s appointment, so, as always, I will be bombarded by… ugh… them telling me to get my wisdom teeth removed. They’ve been telling me that since I was 12! But, my mom is forcing me to get it done this summer, so chances are I will be out of it for a while.

I’m really tired. Mother keeps bugging me about things that I shouldn’t be bugged about. Like school. Wants me to take some ACT tests and stuff. Sounds… delightful.

Man, I just want to go back to bed!

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