7 June 2004

They (film industry) are filming a miniseries out here in Midland, Texas. What about? Columbine (well, the first episode [and the pilot]). It’s called “Everyday Heros” and is about, you guessed it, every day heros saving lives and stuff. Very inspirational and the like.

I tried out for the part of an extra in the local mall about one month ago and didn’t expect anything big to happen. Well, apparently, they liked me because they called me up last week to attend a little second autition… for the part of Dylan Klebold… That’s the buddy of Eric Harris and one of two lead roles in this sucker.

I still didn’t think I would get it, but they called back today and said I had got the part! Impressive, no? Well, my friends (few as they are) suspected that I would be getting the part (just because they know how creepy I am, I suppose ). I guess they were right. So now I get to do something really cool:

Play with guns and act mean and stuff! Woohoo. And I get paid for doing it, which is cooler, but the money isn’t a big part of it for me, although, my Porsche could use some new speakers and maybe some freon for the AC.

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