16 June 2004

Today was the first day of actual filming and it went very smoothly, if you ask me. I’m Dylan Klebold (this guy loves to shoot, lettme tell you) and partner to Eric Harris in the Columbine shootings. I’ll hook you guys up with some pictures ASAP.

This miniseries has the aims to go national and it does have the means to do it. This is the first episode, and only a pilot, but it seemed pretty real. My ears are currently ringing.

My costume:
Black combat boots with black combat pants tucked into boots. Long, baggy black t-shirt untucked. Sunglasses, for a few scenes that I haven’t filmed as of yet, but I will say they are ungodly ugly. Suppose it fits. A blonde wig and a black baseball cap. (I’ll get some pictures later!) One TEC-DC-9 Semi-Automatic handgun (well, it shoots 9mm bullets, so I figure it’s some form of semi-automatic handgun)

Eric Harris’ costume:
Black combat boots with black combat pants tucked into boots. Long white t-shirt tucked into pants. Sunglasses, but not used. His natural hair (after a haircut). One 9mm pistol and a sawed off shotgun.

Here’s a walkthrough of the day:

7:50 AM – Arrive

8:00 AM – Technical Set-up Finalization

9:00 AM – First take of all the kids talking in the lunch room

9:15 AM – Lunch room off-stage gun shot reactment (people look scared, duck under tables.)

9:30 AM – My wig is cut and shaped (Must be a blonde long hair, which I’m not, so wig it is); we’re briefed on the guns. Oddly enough, the prop master didn’t show, thus Rachel (her character name), started hacking away on the thing to make it look good. This was absolutely disgusting, because it had to be wet to cut it correctly and to comb it, so I felt like I had sea weed strapped to my head. After the wig, a black baseball cap was placed on my head backwards.

9:40 AM – First shot of Geff (Eric) and me (Dylan). In this shot I get to fire a TEC-DC-9 (which is a semi-automatic handgun, basically).


On an interesting side note, we used real weapons with blanks. Now, I thought blanks were safe to shoot around, but they fire out bits of metal and the like when the shell casing goes; so in none of the shots where I’m shooting people, I actually point to them — camera angles make the difference.
Anyway, the idea was to walk from one side of the lunch room to the other, pausing in the middle to take two shots and then shooting two more while walking. Eric comes from the side of me with an unloaded sawed off shotgun and passes to my left and the scene ends.

10:00 AM – The extras do various other shots for about an hour and thirty minutes. During this time, we get a small break to just chill out and watch. A newspaper reporter pulls me out at this time for some basic interview questions. This one actually graduated from Lee Highschool (and because of which, knows Mrs. Truitt, the evil history knome that I had just got through with this year, so we talked about that for a while.) Most of the rest of the interview was just about past experience and how I feel about the situation.

11:35 AM – The TV stations pour in. And tons of random older men who really enjoy shaking hands. I didn’t get interviewed by many of the stations, but rather Rachel, as the focus is of course the title of the show: Everyday Heros. However, I did get interviewed by a crew from Channel 2 ABC a while later. This did show up on TV and the specific question was…
Interviewer: How do you feel this show will impact people?
Me: Well, I feel that the show portrays the an understanding of the events involving Columbine to show just how powerful Rachel’s and the family’s message really is.
If I figure out how to rig up TV-in on my graphics card, I’ll upload some videos of me seeming like I wasn’t just adlibbing that one. :P

12:10 PM – We do some media stunts. Basically, we do the 9:40 AM take… about eight times… so that they can use it for TV. Yep, I was seen walking around shooting. It was mildly entertaining. My mom said I’m creepy looking.

12:45 PM – Because of the media, I was unable to eat lunch. Poor me. I caught some fruit a few hours later. Now, we do my favourite scene. This is where the camera pans on my boots as I walk to a table, pause, and crouch down to stick my gun barrel about three inches from a girl’s eye. Because of the odd camera scene, we had to practice it a ton. However, the girls always acted afraid each time we practiced, which I thought was rather comical, so I was smiling and quizzing them about their day. Everyone said that I was way too nice for a killer, and that I shouldn’t smile. In the real take, I was able to keep a “I hate you face” and the girls were a bit scared by me, I think. An off camera gun shot took care of her, as we wouldn’t be able to shoot blanks.

1:20 PM – We do a bunch of walk by shots in the lunch room, nothing too big. Eric (Geff) had a hard time getting into position (I don’t blame him), and it took a bit longer.

1:45 PM – Now Rachel is filmed asking a nerd to go to the movies to show how much she is a friendly person. Yea right! :| There’s a ton of different angles — it really takes forever.

2:45 PM – This next shot is Craig (Rachel’s brother) signalling the lunch room kids to run. This also takes forever.

3:30 PM – The following scene requires only the two killers (look! I’m a killer!). In order to do this, everyone had to leave the room and go to the hallway on the other side of the school. We’re given a break as they set up the cameras everywhere for some top down shots of firing, etc.

4:00 PM – Here, Eric shoots his only shot of the day with a sawed off shotgun. God, my ears are still ringing. The next top down is me, back again with my TEC-DC-9, and I get to do six shots. After two takes, I thought I’d be deaf forever. These went very quickly and smoothly.

4:20 PM – After a slight problem with the video monitor for the camera, it starts to smoke and dies on us. So, we just went without a video monitor :P

4:25 PM – There are two hallway scenes to be performed here. This involves a “teacher” who was really some funny older guy, ushering out a bunch of running students. This didn’t take long at all.

4:35 PM – This hallway scene involves Eric and I, and I get to mow down the teacher as he hits the locker and slides down. Eric just shrugs and sips water from a cup to show his uncaring, apathetic mood. The first take of this, went very well. The second take, the gun jammed. The third, the clip was missing a blank. The forth was going good, however the new order was to fire three at the teacher and two in the hallway next to it. Little did I know, there was a girl using her cellphone there and was unaware of the new plan. After shooting the teacher, I went into the other hallway, fired out, and saw the girl next to me — and I freaked out and screamed “Whoa! What are you doing there! I coulda really hurt you!” — all an honest mistake, but it scared me to death. She was pretty too. :P Out of my league, but pretty. So, in all, we went with the first take and skipped any more with this scene.

4:50 PM – The next scene was in the library and basically went smoothly. My theatre teacher from the school year I had just passed was there and she was one of the “teachers” helping students in the library. She tripped on the first take of off camera gun fire and hurt her knee, not to mention broke her necklace. This was great they said, and used the first take. The next library action involved Eric shooting a kid in the library. Although, he didn’t get to fire a weapon, it went pretty easily, I suppose.

5:10 – The last shot for the day is kids walking in and out of the school — obviously, I wasn’t a part of this one, so I just chilled and relaxed for a bit. Jon, our director, called it a wrap, and we left.

5:25 – I was taking a cold shower (you try wearing all black in 100+ F weather, stupid desert — however, most of the shooting was inside, I did have to move around a bit and by this time, my combat boots were killing me). All was well and then my mom banged on my door to tell me that I’m already on TV. Scrambling out of my shower in only a towel (for all you ladies fans out there ;)), I watched myself shoot at stuff. It was a bit interesting. Later at 6:00, all three of our news channels showed footage of me shooting or hanging up with my gun, as well as Rachel and all of the other main cast (and a few extras too).

Additional information based on the questions you asked me last time:
Yes, I’m getting paid. It’s 150 dollars a day, and we’re looking at two to three days. I plan on buying some nice speakers for my Porsche.

I do not know which TV station it will be on, if it even airs, (but it should) — it will be United States Nationally broadcasted, so I’ll inform you if anything ever comes of it.

Yes, the guns are real. They fire blanks, but are incredibly loud and still can eject a certain amount of metal or otherwise, thus a person needs to be somewhat distant when fired. I never directly fired at one person during the filming. They do not kick back much at all, however. The shotgun did seem to make Eric Harris a tad bit discomforted — we both were having trouble hearing things for a little while. Yes, we all did get ear plugs, but most of the time, we weren’t in a good position to use them.

What about the people you worked with?
Jon is our director. He’s great at coming up with ideas for camera angles or neat things to try. So far, I’ve had a great time working with him. He looks a lot like Chuck Norris, actually.

Mark is the producer. He’s also very nice and seems to really enjoy his work.

The person who manages the weapons I have forgotten his name, but he is probably the coolest one there. He had some great stories and helped us to work pretty well with the guns.

Geoffrey is Eric Harris and seems like a guy who doesn’t smile much. He actually does smile, just not a lot. He did a great job getting some tough shots and working with the shotgun, especially.

The character Rachel is played by a very talented person who is a bit older than me (but hey, I’m young). I don’t recall her name, but she did a great job at adlibbing dialogue between her and a nerdy extra.

Craig is another actor that I don’t recall his name. He is Rachel’s brother and helps to evacuate all the kids out of the lunch room. He seems like a pretty confident actor, although, I didn’t speak with him very much.

Everyone else also did a great job and it was pretty neat working with them. It was a very relaxed filming and we all just had fun with it.

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