20 August 2004

Oh, almost forgot about this thing. Not that anybody reads it.

To recap from July 19, I got my license, I haven’t killed anyone yet, Logen will be gone tommorrow, and I don’t want to spend more than three minutes in Lee Highschool, let alone three years. People regard me as an artist online, offline I’m the guy you bump into in the halls when you’re talking about L’shannaya’s new boyfriend who is “wack’d sha”. Whatever that means.

In PE, they made us do ten whole situps and ten whole pushups. Hilarious. I can almost feel the strain of last night’s 500…

Reed will either be mentioned in here a lot, or not at all. It depends on if I drop the class. I don’t think I will though. It’s a waste of my time, true, but why not have some fun along the way? And what’s fun about Reed’s class? I have a strategy formulated to manipulate and control my grade based on slacking off and procrastination. This one may be a bit more mental than Truitt was, so I can’t wait to see how far I can push things.

I’ll try to squeeze in another entry this month, probably not.

I’ll miss that little girl, you know?

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