11 October 2004

Well, it appears that when I was filling up my car that I indeed left the gascap on top of the car. (So that’s what the sliding sound was!) Which really wouldn’t be all that bad because I mean, I could just stop and pick it up right? So I stop and go to pick it up and somebody runs over it.

Ok, so I’m out a gascap. No biggie, those things are probably what, 5 bucks? Then I remember that I drive a Porsche, where everything costs more than it should. 35.75 later, my gas cap was being shipped to me and I should get it by tommorrow. Well, I hope so. That or I have to use a rag as a temporary.

Thankfully, I got my gas cap in today before I have to go to work tommorrow. Ah, very nice indeed. So I open up the package and I think “Hrm, there’s no metal threading… oh well”. I put it in the tank and it doesn’t fit. Wonderful.

After calling the company and waiting for about 6 hours, they tell me that they “don’t know” and will “check into it”. So, unable to put up with this, I call another company who buys directly from Porsche and they set me up with another gas cap. And this time, I made them check that it had the threading. It did.

However, it will be what, Friday or so before I can drive myself to work? Terrible! The other bad part is since this is a German import, I’m paying 52.45 for this wonderful piece of plastic and metal that is the size of my fist. Awesome!

So, excuse me while I impale myself on a rake for ever forgetting to screw in my gascap. I repeat, if you EVER have a foreign car, don’t break or lose anything — you’ll be sorry.

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