6 November 2004

The moral of the story is… For all logical reasons, I have been turned down. Again. You know, girls suck. Really bad. And all the time. But hey, there’s always a chance right? Well, more or less, no, there isn’t. But if there is…

I think it’s because I really liked this one: something unique. But eh, I’ll deal with it. I think I’ve lost my ways of winning battles. I was too … slow… to even do anything. Although, beating said friend into a bloody mess, that would be fun. “Dude, I was here first.” “Yea, I heard you like her.” “Yea, I do.” “Hey, what can I say man, it’s in my profile.” “You fucker.”

But, I spiked my hair really well today. And that made me happy. Back to ignoring people. God, I hate people. More specifically, I hate Midland people.

This weekend, I sleep. And I’ll watch Forrest Gump and laugh. Ah, good ol’ days.

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