23 November 2004

Well, today was smooth. Tuesday before Thanksgiving, affectionately called “senior skip day”. Or at least a good portion of the day in my case, just being a little sophomore. I stuck around for a few classes, but most of the time I was eating something. Apparently, when you skip here, the exciting thing to do is go to Sonic. A tad pathetic, but eh, free food a few times.

My math class that I stuck around for involved a fun thing: Math Jeopardy. My friend Javier said, “what is… boring?” and that pretty much made the class decent. The final scores on my team were -2200, -4500, -800, and 2300. The 2300 being mine. Although, I think the other team did a bit better, scoring only minor negatives.

In yearbook, another class I decided to hang around for, I showed up and then left with some people, like in other classes. Only I never bothered to show up at all.

My car is fixed as well, so I’m happy. Good news for me. Tommorrow is the day where I go to San Antonio. Three year tradition. I’ll get into that later. Or I may not; you know, whatever.

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