13 December 2004

Ok, I’m usually a pretty nice guy. Usually. And around Christmas time. I think God hates me now:

StaticXGirl667: my graphics design one final is to design a calendar
StaticXGirl667: and I got in a bit over my head
Sitruunatee: uh huh…
StaticXGirl667: I have all of the layout and actual calendar pages done
StaticXGirl667: but I still have 16 images left to make.
StaticXGirl667: and its due tomorrow afternoon, which means I need them done by tonight so I can start printing
StaticXGirl667: I’m going to die
Sitruunatee: dont sleep
StaticXGirl667: I wasn’t planning on sleep tonight
Sitruunatee: Wait!
Sitruunatee: I have some good news!
StaticXGirl667: what
Sitruunatee: I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Oh man, I regret that. Kinda. Not really. I’m a jerk. And I love it.

Merry Christmas, if I don’t update this thing in time. Heh, two entry per month minimum, I’d say.

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