30 January 2005

Yes, I made out with her to this movie

Been meaning to write something here. But I can’t think of what I was going to write. I have a lot on my mind right now, I suppose, and it’s keeping me down from whatever I used to think about, which is fine by me. The future will be interesting, regardless.

And, in other news, I think I have a V8 fetish. Can’t stop drinking the stuff, which I suppose is good, but at the same time it tastes great, it always tastes not so great. Tricky relationship that one is. And I suppose that V8 thing can be a metaphor too.

Finally, I hope Lorelei liked Predator. Schwarzenegger’s second best movie ever. (You know you’re a fanboy when you can spell his name.) I suppose that maybe it’s not the most romantic movie to be watching with a girl, but eh, you can’t beat seeing skinned corpses, a blown apart rib cage, and a spinal cord being ripped out of a body. Or at least, I hope you can’t.

Thinking about seeing Modest Mouse on Feb. 19. We’ll see what goes down

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