14 February 2005

Nothing is new, really. I got to see Anneleis blush when I sent her a carnation with the note attached that read like this:

“ANNELEIS: I think it’s become quite obvious that I’m deeply in love with you. Please consider loving me back.”

If that isn’t a scary, awkward situation, I don’t know what is. I’m a crazy guy. And one guy said, “It’s amazing that somebody has the guts to do something like that.” Ah, people; they just can’t get over whatever reservations they may have.

I’ve been working out a lot recently. Mainly to pass the time, I’d think. I’ve just lost my focus on pretty much everything else in my life. No worries, I have an extra pair of glasses that I found and things have been alright for a bit.

It’s funny how everything reminds you of one thing or another. I guess it’s life’s way of showing you that in life everything is connected and living continues no matter what– until you die, of course. Heh.

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