21 March 2005

Ah, you know what I love? Casimir sending progress reports to every kid saying that they don’t turn in assignments. It’s genius.

So, I had to have the “I partition my time” arguement with the parents. You see, my father feels that I don’t bother doing homework and that I’m slacking off. He also feels I should turn the PC off and not talk on the phone. Yet I, as always, just argue back and say it’s never bothered me before. All A’s (by divine intervention at least four times…) so far. Yet, I fear that Spanish and Chemistry will be some hardcore B’s. Oh dear me. Why do I care? All A’s gets me off without being yelled out and lectured. Man, those are boring and insulting. Make all A’s and I get to get free sushi via my mom’s debit card. That’s my REAL motivation.

I like Sally. That is the main point of this entry. She sent me a letter today, which I really liked. Full of drawings. I wish I could draw.

She also included her cherry scent. Definately very class stuff, I must say. Along with other things. I’ll remember it. Best letter ever. Sweet girl.

Not cute, because she hates cute, but more of a… something special? Today, she sent me a video of her talking with her friend. It reminded me of some sort of a movie. The dialog was so… true? It’s really quite beautiful.

And this is why I like Sally. She will see me for myself, not me from my actions.

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