5 October 2005

This was definitely my favorite movie as a kid.

Nothing is really new and that explains the lack of updates. ViaMedia has moved office building recently to some building off of Big Spring farther downtown. The only other thing is Bailey, our doberman. Since I was three years old, I’ve known this dog; it’s sad to think that the same little dog that used to look like a hot dog with legs and the young puppy that used to play tug-of-war with me is about to die. She had a stroke tonight — the second that we know of. I don’t think that she will last much longer, but it’s probably better that way. Time is almost abstract when I think about our life. I feel regret for not paying her more attention over the years because she’s always been a great dog. Think of the lab from Homeward Bound where the kid (Michael, I think) is growing up and not as devoted to the dog. But reality strikes and she is just a dog after all and I suppose it’s natural. Though Bailey is a part of my family and she is one of the few things that I think of with great fondness.

In other news, my driver-side car door will not open from the outside, which is moderately annoying. Shela is nearing her second anniversary with me; November 16th — I can still remember the day we met. We’ve had our ups and downs, but Shela has been a beautiful extension of my life. I really hope that Shela will be mine forever, but I know that relationships like this aren’t meant to last.

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