1 November 2005

I always try to think of something interesting to say that I can look back on down the road. But to be honest, I really don’t have a lot going on in my life. If anything, piracy season is picking up and it’s already been a hit so far. All of the good things to steal have been hitting the market as fast as possible. The holiday season is beautiful.

I bought a Gamecube for 56 dollars and a Dreamcast for 30 dollars; eBay appears to be the one place where I should have purchased a number of things cheaper. However, I constantly fear that because there is a variety of prices that I will eventually get the less fortunate deal and pay more than I could have elsewhere. It’s funny that as soon as I have the possibility in front of me instead of a locked price, I lock myself down from spending at all. The trick to the whole site is placing a bid with less than a minute to go. Somebody did that to me on my first bid, and I was pretty pissed. Now I’ll get to piss off others.

I like Hamlet. It’s even better than Othello, another story that I sincerely enjoyed. And, I found some cheap aviators which I wear around like a dork. They’re chick glasses, but I find them to be moderately amusing. As well, I was introduced to Bryce’s Supra, a supreme machine in comparison to my own. That car must go zero to sixty in under five seconds.

The future really seems pretty dim. I don’t like thinking about five years down the road because it’s all so stressful. Sometimes I get really tired of having to think so much and I just want to relax. Lorelei suspects my story, though I can’t recall if she actually knows.

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