8 November 2005

I didn't win this. Haters!

Unfortunately, applying to college makes about as much sense as a fish with a bicycle. I’m rather confused and most admissions representatives will (of course) not give me an objective look at their campus, which is unfortunate. Here is my current list of possibilities:

University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at San Antonio
St. Edwards University at Austin
Trinity University at San Antonio
Lubbock Christian University

What’s the deciding factor? Well, besides those remarkably annoying applications and their prices, everything will come down to how much money they want to give me. I’m seriously hoping that Trinity will like me, but who knows. Trinity appears to be the most flexible and most accomodating; LCU appears to be the most personal of the selection; St. Edwards seems really focused and also pretty easy to get into (not that it’s certain, of course) and I’ve applied for an incredible 1 year free tutition scholarship contest, which I sincerely hope I win (despite other universities being my first choice). It’s really confusing for me to have to pick something that I know nothing about.

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