28 November 2005

Who would have thought that MySpace, of all the places in the world, would allow me to get into contact with people I haven’t seen in ages? All of those people from junior high and elementary are back at my fingers. Just talking to Pierce has given me this weird feeling: we’re all grown up now. How odd, if anything. All of the memories that have since left me returned in full force; I must have nearly forgotten all of my childhood. Now I can get some of it back. It feels really great. I never realized how much I missed every one of the people I used to know.

Pierce reminded me of all the absolutely insane things we used to do. I remember that we set up a high-powered laser pointer device used in laser light shows and pointed it from his window to the stop sign. It hit everybody at their eyes. People stopped, people swerved. It was great.

Though, I do know if I still lived there that I would be somebody different. I can’t say what I’d be, I just know it wouldn’t be me. In that respect, I don’t think that leaving my childhood behind was a terrible thing — I’m me because of it all. I suppose I would rather be me than anyone else. If I had a chance to redo everything, I’d keep it the way it is. Plus, I always thought that backtracking was a huge hassle.

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