14 December 2005

I had something to say last night. I’m not sure what it was, though. Nothing outstanding or astounding has happened. I’m just trying to get through finals without having to try seppuku.

I found out about Matisyahu, the hebrew reggae master. It’s fun listening to the Torah via reggae. Good sound too. I’m all for it.

My handwriting font

On a moderately significant note, I released a font of my handwriting which is pretty nifty. Although I used to have one, this font is completely smooth and fluid and accurately maps all western characters in my handwriting. People seem to like it.

As well, I made one of those old school folded paper things that you pick the number and then the colour to find out the future or whatnot. I wrote some pretty classy “future” predictions: “you will give me your number,” “you want to go on a date with me friday at six,” “you want to tell me what you’re wearing underneath your clothes.” Now I just made the damn thing to pass the time and have a laugh, but the motherfucker WORKED. I don’t know how that’s even possible. So now I have a girl’s phone number. How odd!

I also got accepted in St. Edwards. Apparently, I qualify for almost 9 grand just for applying. With some luck, I’ll be able to afford it.

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