24 December 2005

I hesitate when it comes to updating this because I know that I’ll have to update the code. I didn’t think ahead to design the layout for over three years on the navigation. I suppose I’ll fix it some time in the future.

I think God has a thing for me — finals went well. I’m effectively all but graduated at this point. Good grades with minimal effort. Was high school supposed to be serious? I may bitch and moan from time to time and worry a little (or a lot), but I end up putting everything off, slacking to the maximum amount. And I do fine. If only I applied myself.

This log is always talking about me. In fact, an incredible amount of what I talk about is “I” — myself alone. And I think the singular first person is a pretty accurate way of collecting my life. I really can’t stand people at all, but I am always drawn to them. The result is some sort of magnetic attraction and repulsion which happens every time I meet a person.

It’s not that I don’t have other people to talk about, it’s just that I hate talking about them. I think I’m too cynical. However, if it counts, I write this log with the knowledge of an outside reader which is not myself. I figure that if a person is reading this, he or she would want to know about me — not read about themselves and what I think of them. This is another reason that I hate the web log format because so many people act like it’s not really intended for an audience: the inclusion or exclusion of people can have a profound effect on a relationship because with the presence of one person, the other would possibly feel left out. Further, the inclusion may have negative connotations. It’s sort of stupid how people use their sense of being hidden by the internet as their gateway to express their opinions of other people. I only do that with intent.

Christmas in the morning. I hate to be a trend whore, but I definitely want an iPod. It’s currently the cheapest with the most functions, so I suppose it’s natural. The CD player is just starting to show its age. I hope that everybody had a great Christmas, looking forward to my retrospect.

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