2 February 2006

A little more news than in other updates, I think. First off, in the period of my last entry and this entry, my car broke down and was repaired (fuel injector, $331). I don’t really mind fixing it because the car’s been pretty good to me. The new fuel injector means that I can get through the low gears faster than ever before, which is really nice. However, I’m also speeding much more than I used to, so I guess it’s a trade off.

Second up, my car will have to be sold in the future, which is less than cool. I understand where my parents are coming from though; I can see how impractical Shela is. After all, the relationship lasted over two years and I’ll treasure her forever. I vow, however, to buy a Porsche if at all possible in the future. Which sort of ties into the third bit of news.

I’ve been accepted into Trinity University. It’s ranked number two in the state (Rice being the first, of course) and I’m pretty proud just to be accepted. I did get offered a scholarship as well; something like 8,500 a year for a total of 34,000. That’s definitely a perk. Yet, I’ll be so incredibly broke after college, I have no idea what I’ll do. Well, actually, I do. I will join the Air Force. I mean, seriously, it’s been my goal to join the armed services at some point. And I don’t want to do it now. Along with financial benefits (college hours = military bonus), it’s not a bad deal. Plus, I’ve always wanted to fly planes. I’d have to get Lasik first, but I’m hoping that it’ll be covered by insurance in a few years as the price continues to drop each quarter.

High school has always been a joke, really. And in that sense, it’s even more of a joke than before. With only a few more months to go, all of the seniors (and graduating juniors) are set to cruise control. Let me break down my day:
1st period – History – I show up and watch movies
2nd period – PE – I’m the aid, so I sit in the office and sleep for an hour
3rd period – Economics – Mr. Gonzales, my teacher, does not use articles or plural rules when he speaks; regardless, he gives worksheet assignments
4th period – Anatomy and Physiology – We cut up a cow eyeball, but usually we don’t do anything
5th period – English – Nothing
6th period – Yearbook – I’m the editor, so I sit around and tell people what to do
7th period – Math – This is the only reason I still think about school

Basically, I love this semester. I’m not trying at all. And I hardly care. My class rank is 35 now, which is cool.

So, I guess I’ll see what goes down in the future. Just gotta pray I stay alive for it all — this is interesting stuff.

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