2 March 2006

Tommorrow I will go to San Antonio and check out Trinity. My parents are really excited for me; they’re really proud. I don’t know, this whole school thing wasn’t much of an accomplishment to me. Just trying to get through with it. However, they’ve become so annoying to me that I can’t stand them. Through their pride, or their worries, or whatever, they bug the crap out of me.

My dad just came in about an hour ago and said, “What’s wrong with you? You’re acting goofy!” He said this is the way that was meant to, I don’t know, piss me off. Yeah, sorry I don’t want to take photos of the campus where I’ll be spending the next four years of my life. It’s not like I won’t have time in the future too. Yeah, sorry if I haven’t packed because it takes so long to fold three shirts and a pair of pants. I told him that he was acting “goofy” to which he said something along the lines of “no, you are!” It was mildly entertaining, I guess — but it just made us both a little more pissed off about whatever it is he was criticizing me about. Still, he doesn’t really realize how he offends me.

I’m possibly acting goofy because I don’t know, I stayed up until 2 AM trying to do some worthless math review so I can take the test a day ahead of schedule because we had to leave on Friday. I’m possibly acting goofy because I just went to work and got home. I’m possibly acting goofy because maybe he’s making me.

Sometimes their caring is a little too strong. They do a lot for me, but they also make me go nuts. I really can’t wait until I get to do this college thing. You know, parents are separated from you and such. I just wish that I wouldn’t have to do laundry.

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