6 April 2006

Really always liked how this turned out

Wow. School’s almost over and I’m almost done with this sort of stuff. It’s really been hard for me to try. I mean, this year I’ve barely tried at all. But now since it’s April, school is over for me. It’s done and through. I’m just waiting for my tickets out of here to get finished printing, so-to-speak.

I launched a clothing company, but who knows how that will go. Hopefully well. Still working out the prices and such, but it’s getting closer and closer to being done.

My mom doesn’t want me working past June 30 — I can’t say I blame her. I probably need some time to chill out and get ready for what I’m going to do. I mean, as much as I need the money for all sorts of things, I don’t know if I can handle another repeat of last year (where I was longing for school to start because I was so busy).

It’s a tricky situation. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.

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